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Acrylic Roof

A Sunspace Acrylic Roof is designed as a patio cover and a sunroom roof that will maintain high light transmission throughout the longevity of the product! Built Strong, it’s designed to offer protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light

Features & Benefits

Whether you are planning to install a roof on your current terrace or create a carport, we can help you! All roofing systems are durable with high density foam interior and laminated aluminum panels or an OSB exterior to accommodate standard shingles. Each roof system includes an internal water pan system to channel and wick away moisture and aluminum gutters and fascia.

Features & Benefits

Hybrid Roof

Hybrid roofs offer all the features of our standard acrylic roof systems, combined with solid roof panels with thermal insulation, allowing you more light control in your sunroom!

Features and Benefits