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WeatherMaster Windows & Doors

WeatherMaster Doors

WeatherMaster Windows

WeatherMaster Doors

Exclusive to Sunspace and designed specifically for sunrooms, sunrooms and gazebos, WeatherMaster windows and doors install easily and convert any area into your favorite 3-season room in the house!

Custom designed to combine the fresh, airy feel of a room with the comfort, convenience and security of an enclosed veranda. Easily installed, ideal for patio conversions and garage doors. Made with ViewFlex vinyl glazing (stronger than glass!) available in a variety of tints allowing you to control sunlight through continuously adjustable windows; effortlessly stack up, down, or group them in the center to enjoy up to 75% ventilation.

Reduce wind, rain, pollen and sound with a variety of configurations to choose from and countless customization options to suit your specific project. Backed by the factory manufacturer’s warranty, WeatherMaster products are a versatile, cost-effective solution to enhance the use of any space while adding comfort, beauty and value.

Sunspace’s four-panel vertical window entry door is designed for sunrooms and sunrooms with WeatherMaster windows. They allow for maximum ventilation with a variety of tint options.


Porte Simple Sunspace - Vérandas 3 Saisons


Porte Francaise Sunspace - Vérandas 3 Saisons


Porte Patio Sunspace - Vérandas 3 Saisons


Porte accordéon Sunspace - Vérandas 3 Saisons

Why WeatherMaster doors?

WeatherMaster windows

The WeatherMaster window is the premier conservatory product in Canada. Vinyl windows that allow you to play with the brightness offered by mother nature as you see fit with retractable and very robust panels. WeatherMaster windows are made of ViewFlex vinyl available in 4 different tints, allow 75% ventilation and are virtually maintenance free.


Vérandas 3 saisons Sunspace - Vérandas complète


Véranda Sunspace WeatherMaster - Vérandas 3 Saisons


Véranda 3 Saisons de chez Vérandas 3 Saisons Sunspace avec toiture Acrylique

Why WeatherMaster windows?