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Model 200 - Weathermaster

If you like the feeling of fresh air from a wide open air on your existing patio but you hate the presence of insects, violent rains or even the harmful UV rays of the sun which weigh down your gallery, the model 200 from Sunspace is for you! Constructed of 2″ foam insulated panels and aluminum frames, the walls incorporate WeatherMaster® windows made of vinyl panels and integrated mosquito netting if desired. Panels glide effortlessly up or down allowing 75% ventilation, even up to 100% since you can simply remove them with the same ease.

A wide variety of colors are offered to you for the walls as well as the windows, you can choose what suits you best with the exterior of your house, chalet or any other desired dwellings. WeatherMaster windows are made with the panes glazed with ViewFlex, a tough and durable vinyl.